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Corporate Personhood
and the Rise of
Corporate Power

A workshop brought to you by the
U.U.s for Social Justice
Task Force on Economic Justice and Homelessness

This workshop, roughly one hour in length, involves a Power Point presentation. It explains some of the history of how corporations used the 14th amendment, which was passed to give rights to the freed slaves, to obtain rights that were previously reserved only for people. The workshop includes consideration of how citizens can work to end corporate personhood and regain societal oversight over corporations.

There is no charge for the presentation of this workshop. However, if you do not have a Power Point projector, there is a $30 charge for its rental.

To book this workshop for your house of worship, union hall, or other organizational setting, please contact:

Karla Chew at (708) 524-9695 or karlachew@aol.com

or Jean Darling at (708) 383-4608 or jdarling@sandwich.net

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