What partnerships have you formed outside of your congregation
with other organizations?

1st Unitarian Church of Chicago

  • We founded the Chicago Children's Choir and continue to have a representative on its Board since it became an independent non-profit organization
  • We provide its Hyde Park/Kenwood Neighborhood Choir with rehearsal space

2nd Unitarian Church of Chicago

  • Lakeview Action Coalition (LAC): Established in 1993, Lakeview Action Coalition (LAC) is a multi-issue community organization that seeks to find, prepare, and establish grassroots community leaders to fight for social justice in our communities. LAC has the immediate and long-term goal to build power by bringing people and institutions working together to make lasting social improvements. (Second Unitarian Church is a founding member institution)
  • Community Renewal Society (CRS): Established 127 years ago, The Community Renewal Society empowers people to build just communities by working to eradicate racism and poverty. It does so by informing, organizing, training, and encouraging individuals and communities in sustained and strategic efforts to engender systemic change. (Second Unitarian Church joined in February 2009).
  • The Night Ministry : Since 1976, The Night Ministry has connects with Chicago's vulnerable youth and adults, providing direct services such as: self-care supplies, free healthcare, housing and supportive services for youth, and referrals to other services. They offer services at moment of need on the street for the homeless.

Countryside Church UU

  • Informal cooperation (not official partnership) between CCUU Adult Faith Development and: Health Care for America Now, Woodstock Institute, Women Employed.
  • SAC co-sponsorship of monthly peace vigils with other neighborhood organizations: Families for Peace, Sisters of the Living Word, The Viatorian Community,, Congregational Church of Christ of Arlington Heights, Women's Resource Center.
  • We do partner with HCAN to hold health care awareness rallies. A variety of groups from the community meet at our church. They include PFLAG and ACL etc.
  • We also work with the Palatine Township case workers and volunteer coordinator on many programs dealing with limited income and food pantry persons.
  • Youth group and RE established connections with the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless and Palatine-area PADS program, "Journeys from Pads to Hope"; youth learned from speakers with both groups; raise funds and participate in letter-writing campaigns
  • We organized a group of volunteers to work with Trees Across the Miles, a group that plants trees where they are needed most.
  • We promote local environmental groups, such as Citizens for Conservation and Friends of the Forest Preserve. We promote the Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County and the Solid Waste Agency of Lake County. These agencies handle local recycling, household chemical waste, prescription and sharps disposal, etc., and they promote a wealth of environmental information. We also publicize the websites of environmental groups.
  • We have partnered with Faith in Place and Interfaith Power and Light, and we publicize some of their events and information. We have also received informational support from the director of Faith in Place

Northshore Unitarian Church

  • Lake County United
  • Faith in Place

Unitarian Church of Evanston

  • See above. We are a sponsoring member of the North Shore Coalition for Peace, Justice and the Environment. That Coalition serves to network us with larger peace & social justice groups in the northern suburbs and Chicago.
  • There is also a network of groups organized throughout Illinois on an electronic grid to better integrate actions across the state. Name is Illinois Coalition for Justice, Peace & Environment, www.icjpe.org. It's another good organizing tool that has been used.

UU Church of Elgin

  • Interfaith food pantry
  • Elgin Community Crisis Center
  • Larkin Center
  • Erehwon farm

UU Society of Geneva

  • Lazarus House, the local homeless shelter
  • Habitat for Humanity