Peace -Pledge or statement for the congregation

1st Unitarian Church of Chicago

  • The congregation adopted a statement against the War in Iraq a few weeks after that war began.

2nd Unitarian Church of Chicago

  • We Affirm Same-sex Marriage

Beverly Unitarian Church

  • Reviewed UUA Statement of Conscience on Just War and took position for congregation

Countryside Church UU

  • Our Board of Trustees is currently working on a policy regarding social action, which will be presented for adopted by the congregation

Unitarian Church of Evanston

  • UUA Statement of Conscience - series of presentations and discussion groups with final congregational vote supporting the UUA SOC on peacemaking

UU Church of Elgin

  • We had two groups who discussed the Peacemaking Statement of Conscience for the UUA and offered our feedback on the statement

UU Society of Geneva

  • An ad hoc committee drafted a pledge;
  • Now, during a series of services, we are asking the congregation to address each of the six sections International/Social/Congregational/Interpersonal/Personal/ Environmental.
  • The evolving pledge is published online and in the newsletter
  • Fourth Sunday Forums give people a chance to meet face-to-face to discuss the wording before we vote in May.