How does your congregation encourage people to sign up to volunteer?

1st Unitarian Church of Chicago

  • requests put in the newsletter and weekly order of service
  • sometimes supplemented by phone or email requests to individuals who are known to have an interest

2nd Unitarian Church of Chicago

  • New Member Orientation (Brochures)
  • Spotlight Luncheons (an issue-driven discussion)
  • Social Justice Leadership & Development Institute
  • Social Justice Small Group (Social Justice as a Spiritual Practice)
  • Social Justice Socials/Social Justice Kickoff

Beverly Unitarian Church

  • Newsletter
  • Announcements in order of service
  • Announcements in services
  • Worship services to kick-off new volunteer opportunities
  • Weekly e-bulletin
  • E-mail lists
  • Forums
  • E-mail lists

Countryside Church UU

  • Announcements in our church newsletter and insert in the order of worship
  • Also through one on one discussions

Northshore Unitarian Church

  • We try any way that works. We currently have a bagathon where we pass out grocery sacks and people bring them back filled. This has not only publicized the need to stock food pantries, but has gained us several volunteers who wanted to deliver them.

Unitarian Church of Evanston

  • By making the information available and acknowledging when people do this work. This Sunday, we're having a service entitled "On Service" and will be welcoming the volunteers in our congregation. Additionally, many individuals are already providing direct service on their own thru their work or other commitments. I suspect there's a lot of unsung volunteerism at most of our churches.

UU Church of Elgin

  • Email lists
  • Announcements during services
  • Order of service announcements
  • Church newsletter
  • Occasionally, we will put up a dedicated web site

UU Society of Geneva

  • We post sign-up sheets on our bulletin board
  • People can signup online
  • Volunteers are listed and thanked each month in the newsletter and at the end of the year in a year-end report