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Environmental Task Force

Our Next Meeting: Tuesday June 5, 2018, 2:30 to 4:00 PM, at Bee Zee, 424 S. Wabash, Chicago

Environmental Resources:

How to Become a Green Sanctuary

The Environmental Task Force has created a number of environmental education flyers/ Order of Worship Service inserts. To look at them, print them, etc., Select from the following files:

Disposing of Hazardous Household Waste (read) (print)
Green Cleaning Tips (read)
Medication Disposal Guide (read) (print)

Eating Energy
Fish (read) (print) Ceiling fans (read) (print)
Organic (read) (print) Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (read) (print)
Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce (read) (print) Energy Star (read) (print)
Growing Organic Produce Locally (read) (print) Saving money on mortgage (read) (print)
Pros and Cons of GMO Foods (read) (print 4 page fold) Take the Low Impact Challenge (read) (print)
  "Clean" Coal (read) (print landscape) (print 4 page fold)
How to Make a Difference Pros and Cons of Nuclear Energy (read) (print 4 page fold)
Guide to Effective Choices (read) (print)  
Make an Eco Difference (read) (print) Vehicles/Travel
Ten tips to Stop Global Warming (read) (print) (print back-to-back) Car Sharing Services (read) (print)
Recycling Old Clothes (read) (print) Hybrids (read) (print)
Recycling Update -- October 2013 (read) (print copies) Clean Sustainable Travel Methods (read) (print)
Divestment from Fossil Fuels and Reinvestment in Clean Energy: What You Can Do (read) (print 4 page fold) Auto Power Alternatives: Electric, Hybrid, and Solar -- Part Two: Today's Electrics and Hybrids (read) (print)

Bottled vs. Tap (read) (print)
Conservation (read) (print)
Clean Drinking Water (read) (print)
Filter Issues (read) (print)


Links to Renewable Energy Articles:

How to Lose Half a Trillion Euros -- Europe's electricity providers face an existential threat from The Economist 10/12/2013
Rethink Policy to Deliver Clean Energy Future from The Electricity Journal