Energy Star

Formatted, Printed and Distributed by the Environmental Task Force of Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice
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This government label was created in 1992 to identify energy-efficient appliances. Over time, the labeling program, which is co-administered by the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy, expanded to cover a much wider range of items, from computers, lighting, office equipment and air conditioners to dishwashers and new homes. Energy Star-labeled brands sometimes sell for more, but they’re always much cheaper to operate since they consume less energy than competing brands. Many times the difference is fairly small, but even larger investments will pay for themselves with monthly utility bill savings.

In today’s climate of resource depletion and increasing resource costs, congregations and individual members from both a stewardship and financial standpoint, should look at and act on purchasing energy star products and equipment. Additionally, energy star products would also apply to major retrofitting or new building of homes, churches or other structures.

Materials about the products, and formulas to compare cost savings over time, are available. For detailed and continuing updated information, visit or call 1-(888)-782-7937. For a website for congregations, visit which is especially designed for those who own or operate their own building(s).

The energy star website is updated as new technology achievements occur on existing energy star products. Also, additional energy saving efforts, such as insulation products, is underway. Make review of these sites an important ongoing part of your input prior to purchasing decisions.

Energy reduction efficiency benefits the economy and the environment. It helps prevent added water and air pollution, plus helps address global warming concerns by avoiding the need to build costly fossil fuel and nuclear power plants.