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Home & Hope Boosters - Nomination Questions

The Social Justice Committee (or equivalent body), a social justice task force, the Board of Trustees, or other group at your U.U. congregation can nominate an organization serving the homeless, that your congregation or its members have been assisting, for a Home & Hope Boosters grant. A congregation can even nominate itself if it serves the homeless directly (such as serving as a PADS site) and has significant unreimbursed expenses. The grants, which will be issued up to three times a year, are currently only expected to be about $300, but may grow in the future if we get more pledges. They can be applied for at any time, i.e, if your nomination misses a deadline it is automatically part of the next group of nominations. Just answer the following questions and send your nomination to: UUSJ, 1448 E. 52nd St., P.M. Box 144, Chicago, IL 60615

1.What is the name, address, phone number, e-mail (and web site if applicable) of the organization you are nominating.

2.Why do you nominate this organization, i.e., what good do they do? You may explain you answer and/or attach literature that explains their work.

3. Describe how your congregation or its members helps this organization. Include: A) The number of your church members who helped out in the last year (explain how you arrive at the figure). B) The number of volunteer hours given by your church members to the organization in the last year (explain how you arrive at your figure). C) The amount of funds contributed, raised or expended by your congregation for this organization (or project of the church) (Again, explain how you arrive at the figure). D) List any other ways your congregation or its members helped this organization in the past year.

4. If this grant will go for special project/expense of the organization, rather than to assist its general operating budget, please explain. If this item is left blank we will assume the grant will go for the general operating budget of the organization.

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