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"A Homecoming"

A moving drama of a college educated, middle class, middle aged man's experience with homelessness.
VHS format tape consists of 40 minute drama, followed by discussion with the drama director and cast, for a total of 57 minutes.


  1. Education about homelessness - in schools, houses of worship and for new volunteers and staff at social agencies which serve the homeless.
  2. Use with fundraisers or meetings of organizations serving the homeless.
  3. Viewing by faith based, school and community theatre groups who might like to stage the drama, or a variation of it (script available on request) for education and motivation combined with drama

To order: Send your name, mailing address, what you want and your payment (see below) to Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice, 1448 E. 52nd St., P. M. Box 144, Chicago, IL 60615

Include a check or money order for $10 if you would like a copy of the video (includes both production and mailing cost). You should send $3 if you would like a copy of the script for the drama "A Homecoming." Also, you should send $3 for a variation of the script and other resources for use in a dramatic Worship Service. Alternately, you may send $15 for a copy of the video and all written materials.