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Next Meeting: Saturday January 15, 2022, 1:00 to 3:00 PM, via Zoom. Call Andrew at 1-492-1832 for URL to join or with any questions

Environmental Resources:

How to Become a Green Sanctuary

The Environmental Task Force has created a number of environmental education flyers/ Order of Worship Service inserts. To look at them, print them, etc., Select from the following files:

Old Archived Environmental Educational Flyers

Eating Energy
Feeding Our Hungry Cities with Vertical Farms and Other Approaches (read) (print 4 page fold) Improving Battery Efficiency and Ecology (print 4 page fold)
Pros and Cons of GMO Foods (read) (print 4 page fold) Putting a Price on Carbon (print 4 page fold)
  Pros and Cons of Nuclear Energy (read) (print 4 page fold)
  "Clean" Coal (read) (print landscape) (print 4 page fold)
  Green Hydrogen (read) (print 4 page fold)
How to Make a Difference  
Plastic Waste: The Search for a Sustainable Solution (read)(print 8 page)  
Learning from Nature -- To Fight Global Warming (read) (print 4 pages)  
Beyond LEED -- The Living Building Challenge (read) (print 4 page fold)  
Divestment from Fossil Fuels and Reinvestment in Clean Energy: What You Can Do (read) (print 4 page fold) Vehicles/Travel
  Car Sharing Services (read) (print)
  Hybrids (read) (print)
  Clean Sustainable Travel Methods (read) (print)
  Auto Power Alternatives: Electric, Hybrid, and Solar -- Part Two: Today's Electrics and Hybrids (read) (print)

Energy consumption from all sources -- note how much is wasted with the light grey on the right side


Links to Renewable Energy Articles:

Drawdown - The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming -- edited by Pawl Hawken
How to Lose Half a Trillion Euros -- Europe's electricity providers face an existential threat from The Economist 10/12/2013
Rethink Policy to Deliver Clean Energy Future from The Electricity Journal

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