Focused on restorative justice locally and anti-war efforts globally, the peace taskforce aims to promote awareness and partnerships to squelch violence in all its forms. Contact Jane Bannor at 773-274-6387 or


    This group will assist your congregation become a Green Sanctuary, organize hazardous and electronic waste disposal days, and press for urgent action on climate change. Contact Andrew Fisher, Chair at or 847-492-1832, for more information.

Economic justice

    This taskforce works to hold policymakers accountable to underserved communities, including homeless individuals. Contact Allan Lindrup, 773-595-4921 or, for information.

Interfaith criminal justice

    We want A criminal justice system that restores our communities to safety, trust, and health and recognizes the humanity of all people involved in the criminal justice system. Contact Evan Freund, 773-624-0333 or

Multiracial unity

    Members educate and bear witness through action to promote incluson and understanding. Contact Finley Campbell at for more information. .